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Emily McEwan-Upright, Resident Expert in Arts & Culture
Gallery 1202

Emily McEwan-Upright was born and raised in San Jose, CA. She studied and practiced art throughout school, into college and graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with her B.A in Art History with an emphasis in Feminist and Contemporary Art in 2009. Two years later, Emily was accepted into San Jose State University and earned her Master's Degree in Art History and Visual Arts. 

After graduating, Emily pursued her fine art career and her work was featured in several group shows. She attended an artist residency in Bryan, Texas for three months where she had a solo exhibition of the body of work she produced during that time. While in Bryan, Emily had her studio in a fine art gallery downtown, and decided to pursue her other dream of opening a gallery. 

In 2017, Emily opened Gallery 1202 in downtown Gilroy where she displayed her art for the first year. During the next year Emily put together a program for the gallery with rotating solo and group shows.  Gallery 1202 holds fundraisers, cultural events, and art exhibitions every six weeks.  

Gallery 1202

Phone: 408-206-0018

Krys Mandilag, Resident Expert in Design & Photography
KM Design & Photography

Krys Mandilag recently moved to Gilroy but is originally from San Jose. Her artistic resume includes 3 years as a photographer capturing a wide range of subjects which include weddings, special events, headshots, landscapes and portraits. She is a web and graphic designer as well.

Her work spans the entire Bay Area from Monterey to San Francisco (and everything in between). She enjoys helping others grow their businesses by offering professional photos, web design and social media marketing. Photography and Design are her passion and she especially enjoys the flexibility and creativity both offer. Feel free to contact her for anything you might need for your business related to design, marketing and public relations. She is always ready and willing to connect!

Phone: 408.903.3957

Dalila Alegria (“Coach Dee”), Resident Expert in Health & Wellness

Dalila Alegria is a NASM certified personal trainer specializing in body composition, weight loss, and body sculpting. Dalila runs marathons, competes in NPC bikini/ figure, and has over 8 years of personal training experience. Her passion is in connecting and supporting women that want to make a change to a healthier lifestyle and body composition. She loves inspiring and sharing her knowledge on resistance training, competition prep, and nutrition.

She takes pride in shifting her client’s mindsets to a healthier happier lifestyle, all while having fun and enjoying the process. Her next goal is setting up a nonprofit WE rLOVEution: focusing on Empowering Women through monthly speaking event, weekend lifting seminars, and a business development network. Make sure to say hi to Coach Dee when you see her around and feel free to call or e-mail to connect regarding areas of health and wellness. She is there for you to lean on anytime.

Alegria Mind Body Soul

Phone: 408.824.8505